Thursday, April 1, 2010

These Dreams Go On... #2

Were you to ride shotgun through my nights, you might...

shake your head at racist road signs,

pick some cotton,

and talk to strange and headless roadkill.

You could chance upon a 190 ft. Crucifix,

chase windmills,

or make new friends, like a plastic pony

or a plastic eating cow.

The sun will probably shine hot through the night

as you walk with me on Mars,

and see the sights.

You will more than likely play in the road,

and you might be lucky enough to stand with me as I relive the fulfillment of a bizarre childhood wish that I cannot explain.

There are many places we could go, and many things we might do, but there are two promises I can make to you;

You will at some point find yourself sitting in the parking lot of a lonely motel just off the 40 in Kansas City, Missouri,

and you will always get to see my favorite view of the Grand Canyon.

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