Thursday, December 23, 2010

Photos From The Edge Of My Phone

I take photos of bathrooms. Here's one in a gas station near Newburyport, MA.

Shopping for the zombie apocalypse.

So hot. Nothing like your woman holding a weapon and shouting at varmints.

I couldn't resist.

Shopping with Caleb is always lined with laughter.

Solomon studying his spelling list for school. Notice how the hole in the sock does not detract from the coolness this kid exudes.

Solomon waiting for the toast. 

This was me waiting for the toast 35 years ago.

Roller derby. Everyone should go to at least one bout.

Imogen Heap in Boston at the sweaty theater. Girl got mad skills.

Mat Kearney up in Maine. Boy got mad skills.

Moving my brother David up to Dover on the hottest day in recent history. Somebody get my ass a towel!

My brother Michael playing guitar in my yard. Boy got mad skills.

Michael Meyers smoking a cig.

How's about a poke? Check out the 'tache and the tight 80's jeans! Sexy smokin' hot!

Only uncle Michael can do Hannah's hair the way she likes it.

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